Hi! I am Nuno Alexandre, a Portuguese living in The Netherlands. I’m a husband, a father, and a thinker. My interests float around programming, music, philosophy, sports, neuroscience, and design.

I am an enthusiast software developer with a passion for startups and design. I’m a polyglot programmer with a fondness for the functional paradigm. Beautiful code, cool programming technology, and excellent team spirit are my bread & butter.

I keep improving myself by devouring books, blogs, academic papers, talks about all things software, by working on side-projects to get a concrete understanding of some concept or technology, and by contributing to open-source projects.

A blog as a notebook

They say that the best way to learn is to explain, and that is the main goal of this blog: to put to proof my views and understanding and to keep track of it along the way.

Hopefully what I will be posting will also be a useful resource to some of you, giving some direction and inspiration to develop beautiful and well-thought code, be it through tips on how to write better code or becoming a better team player.