Hi! My name is Nuno Alexandre, a Portuguese living in The Netherlands. I'm a husband, a father, and a thinker. Often called an old soul, my interests float around programming, music, philosophy, sports, neuroscience, design, and weightlifting.

Discover what's beyond the Builder of software, product focused, designer wannabe and the resume.

Husband & Father

My wife and kid are the dearest, sweetest, and most precious part of my life. No job, ridiculous deadline, or money come close to blur this priority. Seeing my kid grow and aquire new skills day after day is not only a privilige but also a great lesson I identify a lot to learn from.


I am a big fan of B Fachada, Bobby Mcferrin, Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs, Miles Davis, and Jeff Buckley. I enjoy many more but these are the artists whose discography I listen to a good number of times a year, on vinyl, cd, or digital. Mildly obsessed with hi-fi audio.

Mens sana in corpore sano

As a follower of the greek ideal of pursuing both intellectual and bodily excellence, I divide and prioritize my time developing the two. Having played federated sports since my childhood while excelling at school, I value the two aspects of my existence and make sure I keep both in balance. I played Roller Hockey for over a decade, a few years of Basketball at school, and a lot of ping-pong at work. Nowadays, I am a passionate weightlifter.

From Chiqueda to the world

Born and raised in the hamlet of Chiqueda, Portugal, I fought my way to Lisbon, where I studied computer science. Currently living in The Hague, The Netherlands, an internacional city with both lots to see and lots of green places too. Mising the mountains, though!

Eternal student

I keep improving myself by devouring books, blogs, academic papers, talks about all things software, by working on side-projects to get a concrete understanding of some concept or technology, by working with some of the best in the industryand by contributing to open-source projects.

Environmental friendly

Married to a nature conservatist that takes it further than words and jobs, we try to opt for public transports, try to stay away from owning a car, recycle and try our best to use environmental friendly products. I also as the web master volunteer at A Rocha Portugal, an environmental organisation.