My name is Nuno, I am Portuguese, married with a lovely Dutch woman and living in the Netherlands. I am a passionate and enthusiast software developer aspiring software craftsmanship. I thrive for beautiful code, good design and cool programming technology. It really drives me to develop better software every day and to be a true team player.

I keep improving myself by devouring books, blogs, academic papers (reading is so important!) and talks from software craftsmen and by taking online courses. Also by spending time on side-projects to get my hands dirty building stuff to get a concrete understanding of either some concept or technology.

I take design patterns, principles and programming in itself as a joyful mix of science and art.

I enjoy learning different languages and different paradigms. The experience of learning to think about code in a total different way is very enriching and I advise it to every developer.

A blog as a notebook

Aside from my job I keep a certain study discipline of some hours a week where I keep learning. As Uncle Bob Martin says in his book “The Clean Coder”, the 8h hours of work must be performance time rather than learning time; to practice and to learn must be our own duty and responsibility to do outside the work time.

They say that the best way to learn is to explain, and that is the main goal of this blog: to put to proof my views and understanding and to keep track of it along the way.

Hopefully what I will be posting here can be a useful resource to someone, giving some direction or inspiration to develop beautiful and well-thought code through examples on how to improve bad code or how to think about code in different ways.

Some background

I started to learn to code while on High School, both at school and on my own, and had my first real-world projects and work experience by then (from 16 to 18 years old).

In September 2011 I moved to university to study BSc Informatics Engineering. A few months later I got a volunteering job as a webmaster, from where I took important lessons on how bad can rot. I now am more capable of offer better services to this NGO, A ROCHA, and it’s meaningful to help to protect the environment.

In the summer of 2014 – before my last year of bachelor – I got a full-time position at Worth Internet Systems, in The Hague, where I was introduced to professional Agile Software Development, where I worked on the development of the Nieuwspoort mobile app – only available in The Netherlands. It was a great experience by all means.

Studying full time while keeping my volunteer work and a part-time remote position with Worth Systems was great time management training, with zero sleepless nights in the record.

If you are a student in the same area my great advice to you is to not limit yourself to what’s given to you in the classroom but take it home and go deeper on things and you will see, independently of the marks you get, how much more you will learn, grow and develop a critical thinking.

I have then worked for more than a year remotely from Portugal to Worth Internet Systems with regular visits to their office. Working remotely is a challenge but working with great people makes it all easier!

Now I have moved with my wife to The Netherlands and I am really exciting to grow with this new adventure.