Having started as a web designer, soon I felt attracted towards the engineering problems more commonly found in backend engineering.

My objective at the start of my career was to get a solid touch in different areas, such as mobile and web app development, and in using different tech that would stretch my intellect; Then I looked into transitioning into a more product oriented setup, backend engineering, and leading or self-governed roles.

In the future I dream of building my own company around a product.

Learn more about me as a Builder of software, product focused, designer wannabe and more about me as a person.

  • Software Engineer
    Since January 2020
    Monadic is a group of technologists who in 2017 set out to build the future of free and open-source software collaboration. My focus is on the radicle.xyz project, specifically in the Radicle Registry, a distributed ledger that serves as the coordination and economic layer for the Radicle platform.
    Rust Substrate Decentralization Crypto Blockhain Haskell IPFS Web 3.0
  • Lead Developer
    From July 2018 to October 2019
    Kidiyo aims to develop fun and thoughtful games from children from 0 to 6 years old, providing them with a healthy and safe environment to play, explore and learn, both online and offline. At Kidiyo, I have:
    • moved all the development in-house from a 3rd party company within a week
    • built and managed an in-house team of developers
    • designed and developed the whole technical infrastructure and apps
    • contributed to the business case and roadmap using OKRs
    • linked psychologists, child experts, designers and developers
    • professionalized the overall workflow and standards
    Swift Kotlin Firebase DSL Lead Python Ruby TypeScript NodeJS
  • Software Engineer
    From June 2017 to July 2018
    I found the rare and priceless chance to use Haskell at work and being part of a Product-based company at Channable. There I was part of an outstanding team of Engineers who shared the same high standards and eagerness to learn, providing an environment for thick and fast learning. There I developed an API Gateway in Haskell that processed every single request involved in the tool, allowing Channable to open parts of its API to the public, and worked on a new, highly scalable and optimized Haskell component to replace Apache Spark, responsible to process millions of rules and products every day, where milliseconds make a significant difference.
    Haskell Warp Spark DSL Postgres Python Scala REST
  • Software Developer
    From July 2014 to June 2017
    I was involved in a wide range of development, from mobile to web apps for fine clients such as the UK Government. I have also monitored juniors and co-lead a successful project, and I have contributed to both large and small projects, having therefore developed skills for short and long-term projects.
    Java MySQL Angular NodeJS Spring Objective-C Scala
  • Webmaster
    Since March 2012
    My volunteer contribution to the environmental organisation A Rocha Portugal is to develop new websites aiming a fresh look and way to communicate, as well as being responsible for the whole infrastructure supporting it.
    Wordpress CDN PHP CSS3 UI Cloud DNS
  • Personal Tutor
    From February to June 2012
    During my first year at University I lectured 7 hours of private lessons a week on the Java programming language.
  • Web Designer
    From June 2010 to September 2011
    After a few projects as a freelancer, I joined initially as an intern and later contributed on a per-project basis. I developed their new website as well as complete website solutions for clients.
    PHP MySQL Wordpress CSS HTML


  • Online Studies
    Since 2014
    - Try Elixir
    - Functional Programming in Haskell
    - Introduction to Typography
    - Real Time Web with Node.js
    - Rails for Zombies Redux
    - Introduction to Dutch
  • BSc Informatics Engineering
    From September 2011 to July 2014
    Java C OOP Distributed Systems Operating Systems UX UI